Homecoming 2006

Saturday October 21, 2006 was a great day. In the morning Kyle Hair, Sarah LaBarge, Scott Smith, Katelyn Schwanke, Richard Pearson, Abby Harrison, Marti Thomson, and I went to watch the Homecoming Parade. It was a ton of fun. We had donuts and enjoyed getting candy thrown at us by those parading by. It was also fun to meet up with our good friend Bob Lauritzen and his wife. We then headed home, or to our various activities for the day. The football game, later that afternoon, was a blast as BYU came off victorious over UNLV.

That evening, just after 6:00 p.m. I traveled with Kyle and Sarah from Wyview to Hinckley Hall to meet up with Marti, as well as Scott and Katelyn, Scottie and Dani, and Andrew and Amanda. The girls looked great, and we took pictures just outside Hinckley Hall. We then drove up to "The Mayan" in Sandy and had a good time at dinner. Everything from watching the cliff jumpers to great conversations. We then headed back to Provo for the "Midnight Ball". The dance was a lot of fun as we danced the night away. Following which, we went to Kyle's apartment for ice cream and to decorate picture frames.

I had a wonderful evening with good friends. I honestly feel so richly blessed to have the friends I do. I hope that everyone enjoys the pictures which have been provided by Scott Gemmell, Katelyn Schwanke, Sarah LaBarge, and myself.