President's Day Scavenger Hunt

For President's Day (February 19th) my friends and I decided to do a photo scavenger hunt. However, because it was President's Day we thought that it would be fun to have some presidents with us. So after getting the runaround and a last-minute trip up to Layton, we finally secured cardboard cutouts of George W. Bush, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Uncle Sam. I asked Rachel McCune to join me for our scavenger hunt. We teamed up with JFK, Scottie Gemmell, Rachelle Doxey and Abraham Lincoln, and raced against the clock to get as many items on our list as we could before Scott Smith, Libby Pond, Uncle Sam, Kyle Hair, Ali Newtion, and George Bush could beat us. :o)

Fun times were had by all. While our team raced around on the way to our rendezvous point in the Provo Towne Center Mall, stopping the car and getting pictures as we went, the other team went straight to the mall and took pictures there. We met up in the food court, got some food, and took it back with us to the Crestwood. There we ate and looked at the pictures we had taken. I love people. I love my friends. I am so grateful that we can, in simple ways, have fun together. I hope everyone enjoys the pictures. The list of items we were looking for may explain some of them. :o)